Day 212: Securing Your Home

Hi, When you find a home to yourself, you have to make it safe. You can leave what you found in your safe house. Safe places will be one of the most wanted things to survive. Foods to Weapons could be stored in there. You have to make sure, no one can enter except you, or […]


Day 211: New Character - Vlad

Our new character has appeared! Introducing… Vlad, Call him V Slim,diabetic suffer prisoner,he has no hesitation in making quick decision. Born 1991 in Norway.Brought up in Oslo, the son of an accountant, and well educated at Union Hill High School where he gained athletic gold medal on 1500 meter. He had college degree then left his […]


Day 210: Dedicated Server Tests

We have started working on the multiplayer mode for The Prison Game with the help of UE4 networking. This is the unseen part during gameplay. The Prison Game’s networking has a client and server model. Server’s role is updating clients continually and making critical and important decisions. Clients are always up to maintain approximation of the […]

Day 206: Looting Items

Hey All. We have finished looting objects from ground. Here is video demonstrates how we loot objects in game. We are going to prepare our inventory in a few days. It will be as simple and clean as our hud. We are working hard to follow up-to-date approaches about survival games. Even trying to get better […]


Day 205: Aiming

Hey Guys! Brand new day! As always, we got a lot to do! But we have good news! We have finished our aiming algorithm which killed us to death for 2 days. Lots of brainlover calculations!. Now we are able to shoot at where we aim to! Aiming is Cane’s work We are hoping to […]


Day 204: Creating Hud

Hey All. Once more, Unreal Engine left us breathless!. We have created our in game hud within couple of  hours with little effort about placing and resizing widget elements. This is what we have achieved so far. These bars are totally dynamic and changed by players stats. That looks ok not so big or small, just […]


Day 203: Enhancing Store Exterios

Hey All. We have almost finished Lone Palms Way’s first part. Now we are working on store exteriors on that area.   There are 5 stores, Gun Shop, Charity Cloth, Electric Store, Laundry and Pharmacy so far on that area. Laundry will contain drugs to health kits, med packs to shringes. Pharmacy will provide cleaning […]