March 22, 2023

Yoandy Leal, a Brazilian star who was born in Cuba and competed in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship in Poland and Slovenia, finished in first place in two individual rankings.

He not only made it onto the World Championship Dream Team as one of the two best outside hitters of the competition, but he also led the competition in scoring and attacks and was named the tournament’s top player overall in 2022.

Other players that left their impact on the individual rankings include his teammate Thales Hoss, Argentina’s Agustin Loser and Santiago Danani, Ukraine’s Oleh Plotnytskyi, and Italy’s Simone Giannelli. Argentines Agustin Loser and Santiago Danani

Yoandy Leal, who is 34 years old, competed in a total of seven matches and racked up 125 points for his efforts. This total featured ten aces as well as eight kill blocks. His score of 25 points against Argentina in the quarterfinals of the tournament was his career high in a single game.

Leal also finished first in the best scorers’ table, finishing 11 points ahead of Slovenia’s Klemen Cebulj, who finished in second place. The World Championship was held in Slovenia. Additionally, one member from each of the two teams that made it to the finals surpassed the triple-digit point total. Daniele Lavia of Italy came in second place with 103 points, and Bartosz Kurek of Poland came in first place with 100 points.

Leal was also the only player to score more than 100 points solely through his offensive contributions. His success rate of 52.71% across 107 winning spikes propelled him to the top spot on the list of best attackers. His total number of winning spikes was 107. Cebulj came in third place with 95 points, and Lavia took third place with 91 points.

In the meantime, Leal’s teammate Thales Hoss, who is 33 years old and plays libero, registered the highest number of saves for the defense. Thirteen of his total 59 digs were directed towards Iran. In the semifinal encounter versus Poland, we scored an additional 12 goals. Pawel Zatorski, his counterpart from Poland, came in second place on the best diggers’ chart with 52 digs, followed by Fabio Balaso, an Italian libero, who had 48 digs.

Agustin Loser took first place in the ranking of the best blocks after recording 17 stuffs across five matches. The Argentinean middle, who is 24 years old, made a name for himself as a potential candidate for that honor in the very first match that his team played in the World Championship, which was against Iran. He scored as many as eight blocking points in that match. The position of runner-up was shared by three players: Lucas Saatkamp of the United States, Flavio Gualberto of Brazil, and Mateusz Bieniek of Poland. Each of these players had 16 kill blocks.

Oleh Plotnytskyi, a Ukrainian man who was 25 years old at the time, was unequivocally in charge of the top servers’ table. He had an overall total of 18 aces throughout his team’s five matches, which was six more than the next best player, Nimir Abdel-Aziz of the Netherlands, who had a total of 12 serving points over the course of four games. Plotnytskyi was the driving force behind Ukraine’s advancement to the next round by serving up as many as six aces in the most important pool match of the tournament, which was played against Puerto Rico. Polish middle Bieniek rounded out the top three players with a total of 11 aces to his name.

Santiago Danani, who represented Argentina, was a model citizen when he was on the receiving end of duty. The 29-year-old libero recorded 39 flawless receptions, 16 of which came in the extremely important pool match that his squad played against Egypt. With 35 flawless receptions, French superstar Earvin Ngapeth took the position of runner-up in the ranking of the finest receivers. Robbert Andringa, a libero for the Netherlands, and Facundo Conte, an outside for Argentina, tied for third place with 34 points each.

In the end, the most valuable player of the World Championship, Simone Giannelli, finished in first place on the ranking of the best setters. The Italian setter, who is 26 years old, racked up 139 successful sets, 32 of which came in the match against Cuba in the round of 16. Antoine Brizard of France and Luciano De Cecco of Argentina both had 107 successful sets, bringing the total number of successful sets for the three players to a combined 131.

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