March 22, 2023

Two significant judgments have been taken by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) regarding the participation of Russia in competitions that are organized and sanctioned by the FIVB.

In light of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, the FIVB Board of Administration has reached the conclusion that it will be impossible for Russia to organize and host the next Men’s World Championships. This decision was reached in light of the situation in Ukraine.

As a consequence of this, it has been agreed (although up until this point, the information has been unofficial), that Russia will be in charge of organizing the event that will take place in August and September of 2022. At a later date, the new host nation or nations will be announced. There may be more than one. Earlier, the FIVB disallowed Russia from hosting the VNL tournament.

After following its own initial ruling to remove official events from Russia, the FIVB Board of Administration has confirmed that all Russian national teams, clubs, officials, and beach volleyball and snow volleyball athletes are ineligible to compete in any international or continental tournaments.

This applies not only to Russia, but also to Belarus. The decision will take effect without delay and will continue to have consequences until further notice.

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