Done with modelling Vlad and Cane


After a long break, we are back!

We havent been sharing about developments of The Prison Games. It is time to restart sharing.

We have “again” remastered characters. They are way better now. We have been trying to achieve boxer look for Cane. And we thing, we nailed it.

14138717_504502003079671_3326094463499109474_o 14224880_505854806277724_3530028001375348662_n 14542479_517020728494465_123990857205197051_o 14502937_517020745161130_579516939197680205_n

And for Vlad, we seriously needed psyhco look. We really worked hard for details on him.

Also, you will be able to modify scars, tattoos, make-up details as well as hair styles. Of course this wont be available until couple of updates after early access release.

Stay with game!



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