Day 24: Creating The Ocean

We have been working on the water around our island terrain. Thanks to Unreal community below images are after a 4 day of work. It seemed almost the same Rockstar’s ocean. It must be uncomplicated to do better.   Prison game – surprise! – will be played on an island. And there will mostly be tropical trees, branches, […]


Day 20: Creating Materials

Hey All. We have completed generating The Prison’s terrain, but of course, it was the first step of creating the world. Still, we have a long way to go. Creating materials is also as important as landscape. Because, materials direcly represent the look of your terrain. Thanks to Unreal Engine, its really easy to create […]


Day 13: Generating Terrain

  Hey Guys. Our next milestone was creating terrains. As we all know, in open world games, terrain has a very important role, obviously, it is where players spend most of their times. It has to look good. Actually, it has to look great. But we cant spend months on just creating terrains. We dont […]


Day 0: Start

We mark this day as the first development day for The Prison. Meaningful step after endless incubation. For a long time we wanted to develop a 3d game. As we watch the success of many Steam games, we wanted more. For a long time we studied Unity 3d, Maya and Blender. But when we heard […]

The Beginning

Eventually time has come. We have much enthusiasm to make this game like a boxer with no K.O. win.We will try to reflect what we have after all the games we played, films we watched. As a body prisoner in this life we are glad the passed days till now for working to our game. […]