Day 230: New Daylight, New Controller & Animations

New Controller & Animations We have taking into account all request that been made by our community. We have updated our character animations and aiming controller setup as they requested. There will be lots of more updates and fixes on our animations for sure. Its still in early stages. We will remake our animations sets […]

Day 227: Trello for Requests

Hey All. Since we have gone public, we have been receiving huge amount of request from all around the social media. As we mentioned before, all your suggestions, criticizes, are important and will be taken into account. We will develop this game as community asked. So, considering all of this, we have created a public […]


Day 217: Grand Crown Hotel

Hey Friends. Obviously it has been none stop since we go on public on social channels. We are glad to have your comments, they are our motivations. Thank you! Every town has essential places┬álike social service, hospital, school, police station etc. Here is one of them the Grand Crown Hotel. We worked carefully on it […]