Day 293: Grass and Night Atmosphere

Hey All. We have changed all of our grass around the city. Now we are using high quality grass and it forcing us to make more optimizations to keep fps high on low profile Pcs. We are working hard to make nights atmosphere tense and scary to make you feel inside that environment! So, what […]


Day 290 : Preparing Woods

Hey All. We have almost completed forest around the town. Dimensions almost reached 12 km square. As a side progress, we also keep preparing city props and environments. Also our ai mechanism almost completed.We will be sharing these details with video upcoming days. Take Care!  

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Early Access Release Date : 24 June 2016

Hello friends, We have announced our Early Access release date. 24 June 2016. We have a busy schedule ahead of us. Your support and suggestions are important for us. We are open to any idea and suggestions in our official forum. We will continue to share our progress from the social media channels with you.


Day 259: The Prison Game is on Steam now!

The Prison Game is a Multiplayer Survival Crafting game. The purpose of this game is to survive through enemies and other challanges with your abilities and skills.In the near future with the crime rates going high, prisons became so overcrowded that the death row prisoners are now being sent to abondoned cities surrounded by great […]